5 Essential Elements for a Great Website Design

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for both users and search engines. It is the basis of the organization of your website. Clearly labeling pages with well-designed title tags and H1 tags can help users flow to the desired content, increasing page views and reducing the bounce rate. It is important to use a professional graphic designer to create a visually stunning website that is in sync with your brand identity.

Content is still the undisputed king, so make sure it adds value to your audience and is engaging enough for them to spend their time on your site. Experiment with different types of formats, such as videos, images or even blogs. Digital marketing activities, such as social media, SEO, and email marketing, help drive traffic to your website and are essential to its success. Make sure customers can easily access your contact information when and where possible.

Your website should be mobile friendly, as mobile traffic now accounts for more than 54 percent of all web traffic worldwide. When designing your website, use white space to give it room to breathe and make it easier for readers to find elements. Choose typography that is easily readable on both desktop and mobile devices. Establish a connection with the client by providing a solution to a problem and use simple navigation that is easy to identify, easy to use, intuitive, and does not overwhelm users with a variety of routes to similar information.

These are the five essential elements for a great website design.

Gloria Foulke
Gloria Foulke

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